When should you start marathon training?


Running a marathon can be very rewarding. In most cases, you can contribute to a worthy course and keep your body fit as well. Making it to the finish line is usually the goal especially for beginners. With this in mind, a runner should concentrate his or her efforts on getting the endurance required to run a marathon distance.

Coming up with a realistic training schedule is very essential. It is advisable to train for shorter races and increase the distance as you move on. For instance, you can run a half marathon or two to gain some experience before embarking on the full marathon.

Before you begin your training, it is wise to get a green light from a doctor. Depending on your age or if you have a condition he will be able to advise accordingly. During your training, it is important to keep in mind that the body reacts best to small gradual increases in training stress. The cardiovascular system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments all respond at different rates.

marathonThe body takes an average of six weeks to adapt, so it is important to advance little by little. Training of greater workload should be succeeded by a duration of a lesser workload, where there is a reduced speed and mileage.

Besides putting in the work, one should also gather as much information on nutrition and hydration. The two components are essential in supplying the energy required to run a marathon. One should eat a balanced diet. Most runners take multivitamins while training but this is not advisable instead they should get vitamins from whole foods.

Obtaining the proper running shoes is very important while running a marathon. Finding the right shoes requires.

1. Knowledge on the type of feet and which shoe is most suitable.
2. Your budget.

Since you are going to use the shoes for long, it is advisable that you buy the one that will be comfortable and bring out the most out of you. You should choose shoes according to The arc of your foot. Normal arched people should go for a motion-controlled running shoe; high arched runners should go for a cushioned one while low arched runners should buy stability running shoes.

marathon3The best shoes your money can buy do not necessarily mean they have to be expensive. As shown above, these are the shoes that will not injure or deform your feet. The best budget running shoes ( https://spryshoes.com/best-budget-running-shoes/) are available online, and there is a wide variety to choose from.

Choosing the right clothing while training also plays a prominent role on your performance. For example, while running in summer, you should choose apparel that helps wick the sweat and make running easier. Good clothes will prevent blisters, chaffing, and prevent you from overheating.

In light of the above, you can see that there is no fixed period of when you should start training for a marathon. But depending on your health, fitness determination one year is considered to be a realistic timeline. And if you are thinking about starting this is a wise decision, in the end, you will have a better social life, better sleep patterns all this while giving a helping hand to someone in need.